Manage Your Leads ... Increase Sales & Customer Satisfaction

Regardless of where your leads are generated (website, phone calls, emails, referrals, repeat business, direct mailings or even walk-ins) it is important that every prospect be properly managed and followed up in order to maintain customer satisfaction and increase sales. Whether you're needing to schedule appointments, print demonstration and test drive agreements, or arrange financing for customers through our lender portal, RouteOne, the Prospect module is capable of these and much more.

  • Capture basic information to complete necessary forms including: Privacy Notices; Demo Permits; Test Drive Agreements; Credit Application; OFAC Statement; Consent to Contact via Phone, Text, or email; and several other forms
  • Integrated access to 700 Credit in order to pull soft or hard FICO credit scores, Red Flag ID solutions, Adverse Action Requirements, Risk Based Pricing Notices and more
  • Import credit applications into the Prospect module from your dealership's website that are contracted through us
  • Electronically broadcast deal and customer information into the RouteOne Lending Portal for financing options where lenders compete for the business using our two-way integration
  • Checks against the OFAC SDN list and keeps a log of names, dates, and time the list was checked
  • Scan and store driver's license images using your multi-function copier or import images and DL information using our optional Mobile App
  • Security settings can prevent salespeople from viewing or accessing each other's leads
  • Print mailing labels, mailing lists, prospect wish list, birthday report, and OFAC historical logs from our Management Reports module
  • Track detailed prospect source information (website, radio, TV, billboard, periodical, mailer, repeat, referral)
  • Zip Code Database decodes City, State, County or Parish, and Area Code
  • Previous lienholder database, insurance agent database, and previous customer lookups help speed entry with consistent data
  • Flag and attach available vehicles as pending on impending deals so they are not available for sale
  • Keep detailed comments on each prospect
  • Prospect information can easily be pushed into a current deal