In-House Leasing. Less Repossessions & Increased Profits.

Leasing Vehicles is now a formidable option to In-House Financing. Tax Advantages, Less Repossessions and Increased Profits are just a few of the Benefits that In-House Leasing has to offer your dealership. ComSoft has partnered with Northland Auto Enterprises, Inc. to offer and incorporate their unique, industry changing Lease'T'Own® and Rent'T'Own® methodology and vast library of leasing forms into the ComSoft platform so you are able to easily calculate payments, print forms and track accounts with ease! Watch the video below for additional information.

  • Dealer owns the vehicle 100% - Your Best Leverage and Protection against Repossessions, Bankruptcies, and Delinquent Payers
  • You are the only dealer that the customer can go to if they want to trade vehicles
  • Customer obtains primary insurance coverage, and you have excess contingent liability insurance protection including Physical Damage with Lease'T'Own®
  • Tax Advantage #1 - Pay income taxes on revenue as it's earned; not perceived
  • Tax Advantage #2 - Claim allowable depreciation on the leased vehicle
  • Customer can return the vehicle at any time, for any reason, without penalty
  • Customer can optionally purchase the vehicle at the end of the term or turn it in
  • Accept integrated online Electronic Payments including credit card, debit card, and ACH options
  • Warning Notification for Expired Insurance for any account
  • Integration into GPS Starter Interrupt Devices available