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VIADA Laser Forms

VIADA Dealer Forms are optionally available to print from your Laser Printer!

Did you realize that some of the association's copyrighted forms you currently purchase in a multi-carbon format to complete your car deals are also optionally available directly from your laser printer? It's true! VIADA has contracted with ComSoft, a Dealership Management Software Company based in Raleigh, NC; to make available to Virginia dealers many of the VIADA copyrighted forms directly from their software via your laser printer. The software allows you to input your deal information required to complete ALL State, Federal, and VIADA forms. Finally, it prints the forms fully populated with your specific deal information on plain white copy paper from your laser printer. No more hand writing deals! The Laser printed method of producing VIADA forms benefits both you and the association in several ways:

  • VIADA Laser Forms are HALF PRICE - VIADA laser generated forms are purchased through the association at 50% off of the normal price because VIADA has no manufacturing, imprinting, or shipping expenses while retaining its development costs and revenue margins.
  • Familiar Forms support VIADA - Using VIADA laser generated forms means you don't have to adapt to a software company's own laser rendition of a Buyers Order. You continue to use some of the same forms you're acquainted with, and support your state association at the same time.
  • No forms to stock - A form counter, within the software, alerts you whenever the purchased form levels become low and suggests that you re-order from your association. No outdated forms to throw away resulting in lost pre-paid expenditures. Form revisions are electronically updated whenever ComSoft receives notification from the association.
  • Goodbye impact printer - VIADA laser generated forms are produced with specific deal information automatically filled in and aligned perfectly every time... no forms wastage due to an improperly aligned form or incorrect revision in an impact printer.

Available VIADA copyrighted forms on your laser printer:

  • Retail Buyers Order (VIA7B)
  • Retail Buyers Order (VIA7L)
  • Wholesale Buyers Order (VIA15)
  • Pre-computed Retail Installment Sales Contract (VIA6)
  • Simple Interest Retail Installment Sales Contract (F15)
  • Consignment Agreement (VIA4)
  • Standard Used Vehicle Warranty (VIA13)
  • Adverse Action Letter (Notice of Credit Denial) (F5)
  • Pre-Owned Vehicle Disclosure (VIA19)

* VIADA Laser generated forms are exclusively available through the ComSoft Dealership Management Software package. If you are interested in more information regarding VIADA laser generated forms, contact either VIADA @ 1-800-394-1960 or Chip Cooper with ComSoft at 1-800-849-3838.