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Digital Signature

Digital Signature & Disclosures. It’s like a Lawyer Closing Every Deal.

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ComSoft has partnered with Secure Close to ensure a consistent and compliant digital signing and disclosure, and explanation process every time you close a deal using simple, easy-to-use, automated technology that integrates with ComSoft DMS.

  • Electronic Signature – Secure Close uses a unique eSignature process that allows your customers to sign documents electronically, with their REAL signature - not a font. Touch screens, Surface Pro tablets, and Topaz signature pad formats are supported.
  • Consistent Disclosures – the virtual closer explains closing documents in an easy to understand language written by industry leading legal professionals. Disclosures are now available with a Spanish-Speaking Avatar to reach even more of your customers.
  • Video Record – Secure Close captures both the web cam video and audio, along with everything done on the screen, including side-by-side video of the customer and on-screen presentation to create an indisputable record of the closing.
  • Document Vaulting – Immediate, secured, unlimited access to all documents and video created in Secure Close NEXT. Both dealers and customers have online access to the Closing Record of the deal for future reference, along with electronic deal documents. Approved and PREFERRED by many lenders.
Digital Signature
Digital Signature