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Products Overview

Inventory Control

Keeping track of your dealership inventory has never been easier. Simply enter the VIN or optionally scan the VIN using our Mobile App then watch the power of the VIN authenticator and decoder. If a VIN is entered incorrectly in most circumstances the VIN authenticator will catch it and highlight the VIN in red. When the VIN is entered or scanned correctly, the VIN decoder should decode the vehicle information down to the factory installed accessory level. Check for open recalls, print Buyers Guides and Window Stickers. Track Repairs, perform history checks and attach digital photos of the vehicle for Marketing purposes. Click Here for additional details.

Deal Processing

Simplify the process of producing the necessary paperwork to process nearly any deal type: Cash, Finance, Buy-Here-Pay-Here, Lease-Here-Pay-Here, and Wholesale transactions from beginning to end. The software computes payments accurately and within Truth-in-Lending Guidelines. Capture the relevant deal information associated with your buyer and you're all set to produce completed forms directly from your laser printer stocked with plain white copy paper. Required documents are configured to print based on each deal type. Click Here for additional details.

Buy-Here- Pay-Here

In-House deals are processed and tracked effortlessly. Once an account is automatically created, you are able to post payments, print receipts, generate payment booklets and late letters among other notices. Set up electronic credit, debit, and ACH payments through our integrated merchant vendor. Install an integrated Starter Interrupt Device with a GPS onto the vehicle that will help better control your delinquencies and allow you to locate the vehicle when repossession is your only option. It's a Total Collection Management System that assists you in keeping your accounts straight from the start. Click Here for additional details.

Lease-Here-Pay-Here and Rent-to-Own

In certain states, because of state laws, it may be more advantageous for the dealer to adapt to a Lease-to-Own, or Rent-to-Own philosophy rather than Buy-Here-Pay-Here. In cooperation with Northland Auto Enterprises, ComSoft has developed a module that computes payments and completes all of the necessary paperwork associated with either leasing or rental of vehicles using Northland approved forms. Click Here for additional details.

Prospects/Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

An important aspect to any Dealership Management Software package is the ability to track any potential customer from the beginning stages of initial contact throughout the sales process and after delivery has taken place. Scheduling appointments, printing demonstration and test drive agreements, in addition to arranging financing for customers through our lender portal, RouteOne are just a few of the features available to you. Follow-up with clients through an array of methods: phone calls, emails, mailings, and secure texting. Customer satisfaction is paramount; not only for today's sale, but for repeat and referral business. Properly managed, CRM will increase customer satisfaction and future sales. Click Here for additional details.

Management Reports

Detailed reports are crucial for any informed decision making at your dealership. Whether it's profit/loss reports, collection reports, sales tax reports, inventory reports, or follow-up reports; it's available within our Reporting Module. Most reports have the ability to be modified to display the information that's important to you. You have the flexibility to create user-defined reports complete with password security so that only those authorized are able to preview or print them. Data exporting is available through FTP in CSV file format. Click Here for additional details.

Accounting Integration

Optionally, an integration is available to Quick Books, the world's top-selling accounting software. Export both Inventory and Deal information to Quick Books using our intuitive interface. Customize your own chart of accounts or we can supply you with a standardized one in order to provide detailed reports for your CPA. Click Here for additional details.

Compliance Tools

If you're in a state that required pre-licensing certification prior to you getting a dealer's license, you'll no doubt relate to the magnitude of both Federal and state compliance issues surrounding your dealership's day-to-day business operations. Acronyms such as OFAC, CFPB, REG Z, FTC, TILA, FIN CIN 8300 can resemble a bowl of alphabet soup of regulation and oversight that you must be conscious of. Dealership Management Software can help you navigate through the seemingly endless amount of compliance issues that you face every day. Click Here for additional details.

Integrated Dealership Websites

An overwhelming percentage of customers initially begin researching their vehicle purchase online. In order to be successful, your dealership must incorporate a website. Our integrated websites offer a single point of entry from our software, rendering double entry obsolete and saving you valuable time. Secure credit application page, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Analytics ranking reports, mobile responsive on your phone or tablet, and much more. Optionally, take advantage of our Mobile App which scans the VIN barcode, decodes it and positions it on your website and your software complete with pictures. Harness the power of the internet today! Click Here for additional details.

Marketing Exports To Advertisers

Advertise your vehicles far beyond your website to dozens and dozens of third party marketplaces. We can send data feeds to both paid advertisers and free advertisers. A posting tool makes listing cars and trucks on craigslist easy and seamless. Post your vehicles to your Facebook and Twitter accounts for maximum exposure. Click Here for additional details.