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Reports You Require to Make Informed Business Decisions

Concise and comprehensive reports are included and categorized for quick and easy access. A variety of standard reports are included with the ability to create and save custom reports. Inventory, Sales Summaries, BHPH, LHPH, Prospect & Follow-up Reports are available on screen, printer, or optional exporting. Security settings will allow you to limit what reports users have access to.

Inventory Reports

  • Produce Detailed Active and Closed Floor Plan Reports
  • Filter reports to include vehicles without titles, open recalls, paid for, safety & emissions inspection, dealer inspection, and many more
  • Inventory "As Of" report that will summarize the vehicles on your lot as of a specific date; this is typically a year-end report for your accountant
  • Repair Order Reports by Vehicle, Date, or Vendor
  • Filter reports to include Available, Consignment, Pending, Unavailable, Sold or all combined inventory
  • Salesperson's Reports that do not display cost and sensitive information
  • Vehicle Aging Reports
  • Track where vehicles were purchased from and who they were sold to
  • Many others plus user definable reports available

Sales Log

  • Dealership Sales Analysis and Dealership Vehicle Analysis
  • F&I Manager's Log and F&I Sales Analysis
  • IRS 8300 Deal Listing
  • Individual Salesperson's Log and Motivator Board
  • Salesperson Commission Report
  • Monthly Gross and Net Profit Report
  • Lender Reserve Report
  • Many others plus user definable reports available

State Specific Reports

  • Louisiana LA DPSMV-1716 (Monthly Report of Vehicles Sold or Leased)
  • Michigan Electronic and Paper Maintenance Police Book
  • South Carolina DLA-1C (Certification of Vehicles Sold by Dealer)
  • South Carolina IMF/Sales Tax Report
  • Virginia Business License/Gross Receipts Tax Report
  • Many others plus user definable reports available

Follow-up Reports

  • Birthday, Anniversary and other event sensitive reports
  • Advertising Source Reports that include Source Details to gauge the return on investment of your marketing and advertising efforts
  • Breakout of Buyers by region: County, Zip Code, etc.
  • Buyer's Loan Maturity Date Report notifies you when customer's maturity dates are near in an effort to point out potential repeat business
  • Generate mailing labels
  • Many others plus user definable reports available

Export Reports to Third Parties

  • Authenticom Sales Feed
  • AutoBase Dominion Sales History
  • CUDL Inventory Export
  • Dealer Socket Inventory Feed
  • Dealer Socket Sales Data Export
  • DMI Digital Motor Works Export
  • First Look Inventory Export
  • vAuto Export Report
  • VIN Solutions Inventory Export
  • AC Autopay
  • American Credit Acceptance
  • CAR Financial Services, Inc.
  • Mid-Atlantic Finance Company
  • Spartan Financial
  • Sterling Credit Corporation
  • Strategic Dealer Services
  • United Acceptance, Inc.
  • US Auto Credit
  • Westlake Financial Services
  • Many others plus user definable reports available

Buy-Here-Pay-Here /Lease-to-Own/Rent-to-Own

  • Accounts Receivables Status
  • Account Analysis
  • Account Audit
  • Account Balance (Simple Interest or Pre-Computed)
  • Amortization Schedule
  • Annual Privacy Notice Generator
  • Balance Due Report
  • Cash Projection Report
  • Cash Receipts/Transaction Log
  • Delinquency with Analysis Report
  • IRS Form 8300 Account Listing
  • Monthly Accounting Report
  • Payment History Report
  • Payments Not Made - Comprehensive
  • Valuation of Accounts Report
  • Collision Insurance Expired by Date
  • Unpaid Deferred, Late Fees, Side Notes Report
  • Past Due Report for Off-the-Lot Collections
  • Payments Not Received Last Week Report
  • Promise to Pay Report
  • Repo Report
  • Lease Taxes Collected Report
  • Many others plus user definable reports available

Prospect Reports

  • Prospect Desired Vehicle Report
  • Salesperson's Prospect Report
  • Prospect Advertising Source Report
  • OFAC Search History (for Prospects & Co-Prospects)
  • Many others plus user definable reports available