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Deal Processing

Process Deals in a fraction of time!

Calculations and paperwork processing for most any deal type you can imagine including: Cash, Wholesale, Finance, Buy-Here-Pay-Here, Lease-Here-Pay-Here, and Rent-to-Own deals. Enter the necessary fields and then begin to print deal paperwork from your laser printer using plain white copy paper!

  • Process any deal type including Cash, Wholesale, Finance, Buy-Here-Pay-Here, Lease-Here-Pay-Here, and Rent-to-Own deals
  • Capable of Monthly, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly, Balloon payments and Irregular payment frequencies
  • Accommodates Deferred Down Payments (Pickup Payments) and issues a warning if any deferred payments due dates exceed the second normal installment due date
  • Tracks all categories of cash received for IRS 8300 compliance. Prints the FIN CIN 8300 and the corresponding notification to the customer
  • Warning in the event the APR exceeds the maximum allowed in your state (if applicable)
  • Official Fees such as State Tax, Title, License, Registration Fees, ETR, ELT, and local County/Parrish and City/Town Fees (if applicable) are accommodated
  • Federal Truth in Lending, Regulation Z Disclosures
  • Multiple payments available for finance deals
  • Profit recap screen available before and after deal finalization
  • "Roll to" functions let you roll to a desired payment, cash down, trade allowance, term, APR and "Out the Door" price
  • Incorporate credit life, disability, service contracts and GAP into the deal
  • If you identify your customer or their spouse as being active military, the software can alert you to limits on the APR you are allowed to charge and cautionary alerts on selling ancillary products in accordance with DoD MLA requirements
  • Checks against the OFAC SDN list and keeps a log of names, dates, and time the list was checked
  • Zip Code database, lienholder database, insurance database, and previous customer lookups help speed up the deal entry
  • Print paperwork from your laser printer. Both Reynolds & Reynolds LAW 553 and Wolters Kluwer library of forms are supported
  • Print state DMV & BMV forms
  • Plain paper documents support automatic duplex (double-sided) printing
  • Required forms (based on the deal type) are identified and marked as needed. A separate column records and stores forms as they are completed
  • Capable of handling Rule of 78's, pre-computed, or Simple Interest
  • Documents supported on both laser and impact (dot matrix) printers
  • Preview forms on screen prior to printing
Deal Processing
Deal Processing
Deal Processing
Deal Processing
Deal Processing
Deal Processing
Deal Processing
Deal Processing
Deal Processing