Finance and Track Deals. Manage your Bottom Line.

Whether you have a small or large portfolio of in-house financed deals, tracking and managing those accounts are paramount to your success. Servicing your accounts is made more efficient using our comprehensive set of tools. Display all accounts on one screen, post payments, print receipts, track promises made, review balances and payment history. Our simple, intuitive graphical interface provides everything at your fingertips you need to successfully manage your accounts.

  • Compute Monthly, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Semi-Monthly payments
  • Accommodates Deferred Payments, Irregular Payments, Automatic Late Fees, Side Notes, Payoffs.
  • Record and Track Promises to Pay
  • Integrated access to 700 Credit in order to pull soft or hard FICO credit scores
  • Optionally report account payment activity to major credit repositories using our Credit Bureau Reporting interface in a Metro 2 format
  • Software can incorporate a Related Finance Company (RFC)
  • "Exposure" at a glance available on every account to gauge profitability
  • Print Receipts, Payment Books, Late Letters, Right to Cure, and other Notices
  • Accept integrated online Electronic Payments including credit card, debit card, and ACH options
  • Warning Notification for Expired Insurance for any account
  • Payment Modifications available with a detailed Audit Trail
  • IRS Form 8300 and Corresponding Notification Letter to the Customer available for qualifying transactions
  • Integration into GPS Starter Interrupt Devices available
  • Process Repossessions and print any required paperwork such as NC MVR-3 and SC Form 4034
  • Reports include: A/R Status, Account Balance, Cash Receipts, Finance Company exporting, Amortization Schedule, Payment History, Annual Privacy Notice Generator, Cash Projection, Delinquency, Monthly Accounting, and much more!