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Tax Season Program

Tax Max is the leading provider of income tax preparation for car dealership customers in the United States. Based in Tampa, FL, Tax Max has a portfolio of over 3,000 car dealerships nationwide. Tax Max allows dealers first access to their customers' tax refunds to use towards a down payment or to collect on a past due balance. Click Here for additional details.

Accounting Interface

Although ComSoft provides robust reporting capabilities, many bookkeepers and accountants are familiar with QuickBooks. ComSoft can optionally export data directly into your desktop version of QuickBooks. Individualize your chart of accounts or we can provide a set for you. Export Inventory, Repair Orders and Deals directly into QuickBooks. This will eliminate most double entries, which equates to consistent data and detailed reports for your CPA. Click Here for additional details.

BHPH Loan Servicing

Phoenix Financial Solutions specializes in servicing who offer an in-house financing option to their customers. They offer complete Buy Here Pay Here portfolio management including first-party payment processing, repossession, liquidation at auction and more! Click Here for additional details

Credit Inquiry

ComSoft and 700 Credit, the industry leader in Credit Reports, have partnered together to offer your dealership the Best Integrated Credit Inquiry Reports in the Industry. Prescreen your Prospects using 700 Credit's Quick Screen Soft Pull Inquiry with no impact to the consumers FICO score or for a more in-depth report, optionally pull a Hard Credit Inquiry. Equifax, Transunion, and Experian Reports are available. Friendly videos engage your customer and encourage them to complete a Credit Application. Click Here for additional details.

Credit Reporting

ComSoft has partnered The Service Bureau to optionally allow your dealership to accurately report your consumer lines of credit (BHPH & LHPH accounts) back to the primary credit repositories including Equifax, Experian, TransUnion and Innovis in the industry standard Metro 2 Format (a minimum number of accounts may be required in order to report to some repositories). Click Here for additional details.


ComSoft has partnered with Sirius XM radio to offer our member dealers the ability to enroll in this must have, no cost or obligation program. Once enrolled, you'll have the ability to activate the Sirius XM Satellite radio on all of your vehicles in current inventory in order to highlight this important feature during the demonstration period. Once the vehicle is Sold, you'll have the ability to re-activate the radio for an additional 90 days for the customer to enjoy. At the end of the trial, the customer has the option of continuing service by subscribing with Sirius XM or not. All without obligation from you or your customer. Click Here for additional details.

Electronic Payments

Operating your dealership today is capital intensive and your business deserves to be paid on time in order to prosper and grow. The ability to collect integrated electronic payments will help ensure that your customers are paying you on time and eliminates the hassle of double posting within our software. ComSoft has partnered with RePay in order to offer this feature within our software so you can accept flexible payment options, all while saving valuable time! Click Here for additional details.

Lender Portal

Connecting thousands of dealers and finance sources in North America for vehicle financing, RouteOne’s platform delivers a comprehensive suite of F&I solutions across multiple channels: in-store, online, mobile, and via third-party solutions. Its flagship products include credit applications, eContracting, compliance, desking, and online/mobile retail services. ComSoft offers a seamless bi-directional integration with RouteOne whereby the prospect's information is initially entered into the ComSoft MonyMaker program and then electronically submitted to RouteOne in a secure environment. RouteOne then transmits the deal to finance sources that you have established a relationship with and once a credit decision has been reached, the results are broadcast back down to the ComSoft DMS. This integration will save the dealership time by eliminating double entry and avoiding keying errors. Click Here for additional details.

GPS Starter Interrupt

In cooperation with STARS-GPS (Strategic Tracking Advance Recovery Solutions) we have developed an interface that will allow you to process GPS commands to installed devices on your BHPH/LHPH/LTO/RTO vehicles within the ComSoft MonyMaker product. Click Here for additional details.

Independent Auto Dealers Association

In an effort to stay up-to-date with both State and Federal Legislation that impacts dealers, ComSoft maintains membership to several Independent Automobile Dealer Associations. We encourage dealers to also join their own State Independent Automobile Dealer Association (IADA). Your State membership also includes enrollment to the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association. Many State Associations have annual Expos and Member Benefits that, when taken advantage of, can easily pay for the cost of your annual enrollment. Click Here for additional details.

Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI)

If you finance or lease your own vehicles, you want to ensure your asset is protected. Too many drivers in the United States do not carry or maintain any form of insurance. In order to minimize the risk to your collateral, consider force placing Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI) on vehicles that can be enacted when the customer fails to provide proof of insurance. CPI shouldn't be confused with insurance that protects the customer; rather it protects the lienholder's interest. Collateral Protection insurance premiums can be added and tracked separately and independent of the customer's active account vehicle balance through ComSoft. Furthermore, CPI can be removed from a customer's account once they provide proof of insurance. Click Here for additional details.

BHPH Analytics

Do you know how your BHPH portfolio is performing? If you maintain in-house accounts directly or through a related finance company, it's imperative that you maintain the overall health and income stream of your portfolio. ComSoft can provide reports to companies like Subprime Analytics which allows their CEO, Ken Shilson, to drill down into your data and evaluate your underwriting process to highlight beneficial information and suggest changes to your decision making process that ultimately affects the profitability and overall health of your dealership. Click Here for additional details.

Integrated Texting

Textmaxx Pro can text-enable your existing dealership landline or toll-free number and ignite the power of ComSoft’s DMS to connect instantly with your customers, and communicate at scale. Save time with batch texting and impress your customers by offering them the option to call or text you back. An unbeatable value, Textmaxx Pro uses a strict TCPA-compliant opt-in process to deliver ongoing, personalized customer service and account messaging. ComSoft has partnered with Textmaxx Pro to make communicating with your customers easier for everyone. Click Here for additional details.

Marketing Data Feeds

Advertise your vehicles far beyond your website to dozens and dozens of third party marketplaces. We can send data feeds to both paid advertisers and free advertisers. A posting tool makes listing cars and trucks on craigslist easy and seamless. Post your vehicles to your Facebook and Twitter accounts for maximum exposure. Click Here for additional details.

Titling & Registration

For many States, the days of issuing hand written Temporary Tag Markers and standing in line at DMV or BMV to Title, Register and Record a Lien on a Vehicle are just about over. Dealers now, in many States, are able to perform many of the same Title, Registration and Lien Recording functions over the internet instead of standing in line at the local DMV, DOR or BMV branch. ComSoft partners and integrates with several Electronic Lien Title & Registration companies to simplify the process for both you and your customer. Click Here for additional details.

Vehicle History Reports

Whether you're trying to offer your customer peace of mind, or inquiring on a vehicle yourself prior to purchase, Vehicle History Reports can be an invaluable source of information for both the Seller and Buyer. ComSoft offers links to three major Vehicle History Report Suppliers within our software and integration to CARFAX, AutoCheck and within our Mobile Dealer App. National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) History Reports are available through the website. NMVTIS Reports are administered by the Department of Justice and represent the Federal Government's database of title branding, odometer fraud, salvage history, current and previous state of title and other pertinent data when available. Click Here for additional details.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The purpose of a CRM is to effectively and efficiently manage your relationship and interactions with your prospects and customers. Today, you need to stay connected and engage your customers by implementing technologies such as email, texts, set reminders, manage your Internet leads and schedule follow-ups in order to ensure that customer needs are met. CRM helps you streamline processes, accelerate productivity, maintain healthy customer relationships and close more deals! Click Here for additional details.

Digital Signature

Electronic signatures coupled with an avatar presentation including consistent disclosures that are written by industry leading legal professionals, recorded video documentation, and secure vaulting. SecureClose is optionally available to your dealership and is an integrated partner with ComSoft! Finally eliminate human error from your closings, and gain an indisputable defense against attorneys and regulators. Click Here for additional details.