Obtain or Lower your Customer's Insurance. It Only Takes Minutes.

Fetchaquote.com is an online insurance comparison website that was built to improve the sales process at automobile dealerships. With the ComSoft integration, your customers can receive multiple quotes and purchase car insurance at all hours of the day, including nights and weekends in a matter of minutes. Because Fetch is an online insurance solution, Fetch is available when most of your local agents are not. Not only does Fetch help uninsured customers buy insurance quickly but Fetch also helps customers shop their auto insurance among nationally and regionally recognized carriers. Shopping car insurance can potentially lower what they pay for insurance, increasing what they can spend each month on a car payment or afford the car they want. The ComSoft integration with Fetchaquote.com is free to both the dealership and your customers. Fetchaquote.com requires no activation from the dealership. Give Fetchaquote.com a try on your next car deal.