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During the course of any busy day, you're likely to encounter several prospects interested in obtaining a "ballpark" payment on one or more of the vehicles on your lot. Regardless of where you happen to be located within our software package when the inquiry occurs, you'll have no difficulty calculating and quoting a payment; without jeopardy of losing any information you may actively be engaged in processing. Quick Quote is a "hot" key, available anytime, serving to:

  • Quickly quote finance payments and optionally include service contracts and other insurances.

  • Estimate trade payoffs after hours or on weekends whenever banks may be closed.

  • Calculate an initial and total amount to finance, based on a desired payment.

  • Optionally compare finance payments against lease payments.

  • Compute potential credit insurance refunds for prospects.

(Quick Quote Payment Options)
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(Lease versus Finance Payment)
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(Loan Payoff)
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(Rule 78 - Refund)
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