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Reporting Module

Within our Reports Module, you'll find reporting capabilities surpassing expectations. Reports are categorized on the left side, by module for easy lookup. Inventory, Sales Log Financial Summaries, Follow-up, BHPH, and Prospect Reports are all simply a click away! You choose where you want the information displayed: on screen, laser printer, or export the file. Select from a variety of pre-defined reports, or create and save your own using our report wizard generator.

  • Concise and Comprehensive Reporting that you expect to make informed business decisions.

  • Choose between our pre-defined reports or create and save your own with our report wizard.

  • Reports can be viewed on-screen, printed to laser, or exported as a file.

  • Sales Log Reports summaries including DMV, Sales, and Profit Reports.

  • Follow-up Reports for Sold Customers showing birthdays, mailing lists, advertising sources.

  • Buy-Here-Pay-Here Reports delinquency, total exposure, balances, A/R, expired insurance.

  • Prospect Reports include desired vehicles, comments and appointments, mailing list.

  • Password Protect any report.

(Reports Menu)
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(Create Report Step 1 - filter by status)
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(Create Report Step 2 - select fields to display)
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(Create Report Step 3 - select sorting criteria)
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(Create Report Step 4 - name and save report)
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(Report Results - View and Print Report)
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