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Service Contracts

Preferred Warranties Inc. was founded in 1992 on the commitment to bring the highest levels of integrity and service in aftermarket warranties to reputable dealers and the car-shopping public. ComSoft offers an integration into the Preferred Warranties e-Contract program.

ComSoft sends the vehicle identification number and odometer reading to Preferred Warranties over the internet and receives back the available plans with costs and premiums. Once a contract has been sold, a plain paper version of the contract is printed within our software and a unique contract number is automatically assigned by Preferred Warranties for the new contract.


ProGuard Warranty, Inc. is a leader in automotive consumer coverages, providing a comprehensive menu of fully insured new and pre-owned vehicle service contracts, G.A.P insurance and other ancillary products. ProGuard is currently licensed in 8 states (NC, SC, PA, TN, OH, TX. NY, NJ).

ComSoft offers an integration into the ProGuard website that allows dealers to broadcast within our software, during the sales process, the vehicle's VIN and mileage information in order to retrieve appropriate plan coverage, cost, premium, terms, etc. for the vehicle currently being sold. If the sales process is successful, the dealership will print the actual serialized ProGuard service contract on plain paper from the laser printer during the normal document printing process within the ComSoft MonyMaker program.

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