Comsoft Auto Dealer Software

GPS Starter Interrupt

In cooperation with STARS-GPS (Strategic Tracking Advance Recovery Solutions) we have developed an interface that will allow you to process GPS commands to installed devices on your BHPH/LHPH/LTO/RTO vehicles within the ComSoft MonyMaker product. Depending on the GPS device installed, you have the ability to issue the following commands:

  • Locate - locate and display on a map the current location of the vehicle.

  • Enable Starter - enable a previously disabled starter.

  • Disable Starter - disables a starter.

  • Enable Emergency Starter - if the starter is currently disabled, give the customer 24 hours of use before the starter becomes disabled again.

  • Enable Late Payment - gives the customer a reminder, via horn and lights, if their payment is due.

  • Disable Late Payment - turns off the late payment reminder.


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