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Welcome To ComSoft

Commercial Software, Inc. (ComSoft) was established in 1971 after its founder, Barry Cooper, realized the need for dealerships to accurately compute and disclose interest rates, monthly payments, and factor in credit life and disability premiums, among other charges, prior to customers signing a retail installment sales contract. Over the years, ComSoft has evolved into a Total Dealership Management and Marketing Software Solution for dealers of any size and has served thousands of dealerships just like yours! In addition to software comprised of different modules, we also offer dealership websites, marketing feeds, integrated partners, and a mobile app. Although many years have passed since our inception, our dedication to customer service, listening to our customers needs, embracing technology, and offering products and services at a fair price to help dealers minimize risk hasn't changed. Feel free to contact us for a free, no obligation test drive of our software for your dealership.