Comsoft Auto Dealer Software

Prospect Management

Our Prospect Management Software assists your managers and sales force with valuable tracking tools and features that will undoubtedly yield more customers to your dealership. From the minute your prospect makes initial contact right up to time of delivery, our prospecting software functions as your personal secretary. Consistent with the rest of our software modules, prospect data can easily be transferred back and forth.

  • Collect and report which advertising sources drive prospects to your lot as well as your website.
  • Produce prospect vehicle buying reports outlining what your prospects want, willing to spend, etc.
  • Capture basic information necessary for initial printing of privacy notices, demo permits, etc.
  • Flag active vehicles as “pending” on impending deals so they cannot be sold to anyone else.
  • Security settings can prohibit salespeople from viewing each other’s leads, if desired.
  • Prospect information can be imported into a current deal.
  • Pre-defined as well as user-defined reporting module.
  • Always know prospect’s current status.
  • Log all comments and appointments.

(List Prospects)
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(Prospect(s) Information)
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(Prospect’s Desired Vehicle’s)
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(Prospect Status)
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(Prospect Comments)
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