Comsoft Auto Dealer Software

Lease-Here-Pay-Here Features

In-house Lease deals are processed and tracked effortlessly. Once an account is automatically created, you are able to post payments, print receipts, apply late fees and other charges, print late letters and other notices, generate reports, payment coupon books, and so much more! Our Lease Here Pay Here module helps to keep your accounts straight. It’s like having a professional financial assistant on staff for a fraction of the cost! In cooperation with Northland Auto Enterprises, ComSoft has developed a LHPH module that integrates with MonyMaker for Windows, much in the same way that BHPH does. This is an optional product that requires you to sign up with Northland Auto Enterprises. The RTO/LTO® business model offers the following advantages:

  • Dealer owns the vehicle 100% – Your best defense against Repossessions, Bankruptcies, and Delinquent Payers.

  • Meet your Customer’s Needs – Get them into a car when other dealers have turned them down.

  • Improve Customer Retention – Roll customers from vehicle to vehicle and keep them as a customer for life.

  • Tax – Pay income tax on revenue as it’s earned. Depreciation can be used to reduce taxes on your RTO/LTO® vehicles too!

  • Better than Buy Here Pay Here – You are the titled owner of the vehicle. No repossessions. Customer can’t trade vehicle with anyone but you.

  • Secure your Future – Ren’T’Own®/Lease’T’Own® provides you with stable, increasing monthly income that compounds as you add more vehicles. RTO/LTO® is the perfect safety net during the “down” times of the retail car business.

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