Comsoft Auto Dealer Software

Deal Processing Features

The Deal Processing module of our software allows you to process all deal types (Cash, Finance, Buy-Here-Pay-Here, Wholesale) from beginning to end. The software computes accurate payments, captures relevant deal information, produces and completes all paperwork on either plain white paper utilizing a laser printer, or multiple carbon forms using a dot matrix printer. Easily retrieve and track old deals, sold inventory, and in-house deals.

  • Calculations available for Pre-Computed (Rule of 78’s) and Simple Interest Contracts

  • Capable of Monthly, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Semi-Monthly Payments

  • Software alerts you if the maximum APR for your state (if applicable) is violated

  • Handles Pickup Payments and warns if any payments exceed the second regular installment

  • All Federal, State, County, and local fees and taxes are computed and fully disclosed

  • “Roll to Payment” function allows you to achieve a desired payment with multiple options

  • Easily retrieve a prospect and import information into a current deal

  • Plain Paper documents support automatic duplex printing (double sided printing)

  • Simple alignment interface allows you to permanently adjust alignment on impact printed forms

  • Forms menu capable of pre-selecting “needed” forms and checks them off as they are “done”

  • Closing out a deal produces a “washout” profit report with repair listing and updates inventory,
    Follow-up module, Buy-Here-Pay-Here, and optionally Quick Books® Accounting.

(Starting a New Deal)
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(Sample Calculated Payment)
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(Capturing Buyer/Co-Buyer Information)
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(North Carolina Sample Deal Documents)
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(South Carolina Sample Deal Documents)
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(Virginia Sample Deal Documents)
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(Impact Printer Alignment Adjustment)
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