Comsoft Auto Dealer Software


Increasingly, your dealership is under constant pressure and scrutiny from Federal and State authorities to comply with both existing laws and be prepared for newly passed legislation. The penalties for selling cars incorrectly today can be substantial if proper procedures aren’t followed. We have several safeguards available in order to warn you of impending problems as they are spotted. Compliance doesn’t have to be so puzzling anymore.

  • Red Flag ID and “Out-of-Wallet” authentication multiple choice questions for suspected identity thieves.

  • Warnings issued whenever a customers’ insurance expiration dates are due to lapse (BHPH accounts).

  • Warning message when a pick-up payment is scheduled AFTER the second regular installment.

  • Ability to produce an IRS Form 8300 on qualifying transactions over $10,000.

  • Produces required notification letter to your customer when a Form 8300 is produced.

  • Produces FTC Buyers Guide window sticker when a vehicle is entered into inventory.

  • Access to the Federal Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) blocked person’s list.

  • Warning message if your state’s annual percentage rate cap is violated.

  • Computations, iterations, and formulae comply with Regulation Z.

  • Warning message if a VIN entered is possibly incorrect.

  • Password protected entry into the software.

  • Initial and annual Privacy Notices available.



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