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Commercial Software, Inc. (ComSoft) was launched in 1971 by Barry Cooper, who was at the time, working in the Actuarial Department at a Raleigh, NC life insurance firm. Barry contracted with a local new car dealership in the area to program their WANG 700 desktop calculator in order to accurately compute and disclose interest rates, monthly payments, credit life & disability premiums among other charges prior to customers signing the dealerships' retail installment contract.

Years passed, calculators evolved into computers incorporating alphabetic data in addition to numeric. MS-DOS became the predominant programming language in the seventies. WANG Computers continued to advance, meanwhile one lone dealership mushroomed into hundreds in short order. The nineties saw the development of our current Microsoft windows based dealership management product, monymakerTM for windows, while the next decade brought about the incorporation of dealership web sites to the product roster.

Over the years, we have serviced thousands of both franchise and independent dealerships. Our staff now consists of several employees, each of which brings their own various knowledge and experience. While much has changed in the automotive industry since our beginnings; our dedication to customer service, technological advancements, Federal and State compliance issues, as well as ease of use continue to be our central focus.



"... while there are plenty of business decisions for me to make prior to opening, one thing is for sure; ComSoft will undoubtedly be our Dealership Management Software Vendor of choice."

Alan Mullins, President
Alan Mullins Pre-Owned Automotive
Rocky Mount, VA


I switched to Comsoft Monymaker several months ago. I was very hesitant to switch from my former software provider, but circumstances forced me to do so. I should have switched to ComSoft long ago. The purchase process was easy, the set-up & installation was a breeze, and the technical support is excellent. It used to take me 20 minutes to complete a deal, now it takes about 5. I was commenting to a friend not too long ago that this is one program obviously written by people who have been around, and understand the car business, because it is so user friendly.

The Car Man Company
Richmond, VA


" ... even the 'computer illiterate' can use this! It is the best we've used in the past twenty years! Everyone at Commercial Software has been great, and easy to work with. I would highly recommend Commercial Software to every independent car dealer!"

Ellen Branson, Vice President
Conway Motor Car Company
Saltville, VA


"...Rick's Auto Marketing Center has been using the ComSoft Dealership Management Software package for more than ten years now and their support staff have, from day one, become a very important part of our business. From tracking inventory, printing the deal paperwork, and tracking my customers there is no way my dealership could maximize its profitability in today's marketplace without their assistance."

Richard Yow, President
Rick's Auto Marketing Center, Carthage, NC.
2005 Small Business of the Year - Business NC Magazine


ComSoft was introduced to me in 2001 by a Columbia, SC dealer who had been using them for a long time. When I was exposed to the program, I found it very easy to navigate and provided me all the tools and solutions that I required in my own dealership. The staff at ComSoft EXCEEDS all of my expectations of service. Whenever I call, I get immediate answers as well as technical support in a short amount of time, and it makes all the difference. I give ComSoft 5 STARS ... for training, support, and product performance. Lenders routinely compliment us on the completeness and accuracy of our paperwork. If there are any prospective dealers who want to know how easy it really is, please do not hesitate to call Michael at Automotive 360, Inc.

Michael Parler, President
Automotive 360, Inc.
Columbia, SC

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