Comsoft Auto Dealer Software

Buy-Here-Pay-Here Features

In-house financed deals are processed and tracked effortlessly. Once an account is automatically created, you are able to post payments, print receipts, apply late fees and other charges, print late letters and other notices, generate reports, payment coupon books, and so much more! Our Buy Here Pay Here module helps to keep your accounts straight. It’s like having a professional financial assistant on staff for a fraction of the cost!

  • Calculations available for Pre-Computed (Rule of 78’s) and Simple Interest Contracts

  • Capable of Monthly, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Semi-Monthly Payments

  • Print laser generated receipts or manually enter a receipt number

  • Accommodates Pickup Payments, Side Notes, Late Fees, Deferred Payments, and Payoffs

  • Continually computes “Exposure”, so you always know where you stand in a deal

  • Payment Modifications available with detailed audit trail

  • Record “Promise to Pay” notes, special comments, and insurance expiration notification alerts

  • Optionally report account payment activity to all major credit repositories in metro 2 format

  • Software can optionally accommodate a RFC (Related Finance Company)

  • Dozens of pre-defined reports available or create your own using our report wizard generator

  • Record Employment and Financial Information, Follow-up Comments in addition to References

  • Past due letter processing and other notifications generated on a laser printer

  • Print IRS Form 8300 and corresponding notification letter to customer when needed

  • Scan and store digital images including driver’s license, car title, etc.

(Listing of BHPH Accounts)
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(Buyer Employment Information)
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(Buyer References)
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(Post a Transaction)
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(Buyer Payment History)
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(Late Letters & Notices Generator)
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(BHPH Follow-up Comments)
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